Sound Healing

It is often said that music is "the cosmic dance," "the universal language," and there is no doubt of the truth imparted in these familiar expressions. Music can evoke all kinds of emotions and simply lift us out of the moment into another world. It can totally change the environment and we can become the music and get lost in it as well.

The healing properties of music, sound and frequencies have been proved for years. Recent studies with students prove that by listening to Mozart on a regular basis, his music improved their abilities to concentrate, as well as improved their grades.

One of the most stunning experiments ever done to prove the effects of music, sound, and vibration on the body was done by Dr. Hans Jenny.

Cymatics – The Study of Wave Phenomena

Dr. Hans Jenny did a series of studies in the area of Cymatics, illustrating with experiments how sound-forms can be seen by subjecting elements such as sand, water or clay to a continuous sound vibration. He would place sand, for instance, on a steel plate with a crystal sound oscillator attached to the bottom. The sound oscillator creates a pulse which vibrates the steel plate. The forms on the plate (seen in the picture below) were examples of sound organizing matter. The pictures appear to be mandala-like, and though they seem to be still, they are in constant motion.

Cymatic Sound Form
Picture of a sound-form, taken by Dr. Hans Jenny

This picture is one of many known as "Chalinadi figures" and are an important part of cymatics, the study of Wave Phenomena.

In his book, "Music and Sound In the Healing Arts," Dr. John Beaulieu writes, "The ancients believed that our universe was organized in a manner similar to that shone in the cymatic picture (above). For them, everything was a manifestation of the underlying vibration of Sacred Sound."

"We are like the vibrating mediums in the cymatics photograph. We too are made up of Pulse, Wave, and Form." Hence, sounds, and everything we listen to affects us, even on a cellular level.

Sound Healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman, says that "Frequency plus Intent equals Healing," and that "Sound plus Belief equals Outcome."

Learning Sound Healing as a healing energetic modality, or adding Sound Healing to an existing energetic modality, can be a powerful tool for facilitating healing.

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