david castle

Master Healer, david castle, was a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui lineage. He was named and attuned as a Master Healer after coming into contact with internationally renowned Master Healer Sutitham Pensuk who visited Los Angeles, California in 2008 from Thailand.

In addition, david was an Angel Therapy Practitioner® (certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.) and a certified Sound Healer and Educator in BioSonic Repatterning® (certified by Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., www.biosonics.com) who provides energetic & spiritual healing.

David was also a Certified Crystal Healer (certified by Katrina Raphaell, best selling author of the Crystal Trilogy and Crystalline Illumination, also the premiere Master Crystal Healer and founder of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts: www.webcrystalacademy.com)

David performed Aura Readings, Angel Readings, Reiki Sessions, Sound Healings, and Crystal Healings, and taught Meditation Workshops, Sound Healing Workshops & Seminars, and other classes which are listed on this site.

David studied with and was trained privately in Metaphysics and Meditative Fulfillment by Dr. Marc Pulsipher, Professor of Metaphysics & Meditation at U.C.L.A., under the supervision of the legendary Psychologist & Parapsyochologist, best known for her development of Kirilian Photography & the Human Aura, the late Thelma Moss, Ph.D., who at that time (in the late 1970’s) led U.C.L.A.’s Paranormal Psychology Laboratory (when such a department existed) in Los Angeles.

David was also a gifted medium and ghost hunter who did investigations with reknowned Psychic Detective, Pam Coronado (www.pamcoronado.com), and Richard Senate, world-reknowned Author and Ghost Hunter extraordinaire (www.phantombookshop.com).

David’s musical background started at age 3 when he began playing the piano. He was a gifted musician since that early age and went on to become an award-wining composer and artist (see his music bio at www.davidcastle.net).

A few years ago while composing music for his “Music For Your Soul” cd, he was moved by Spirit to learn and master Reiki which led him to master other energetic modalities such as Sound Healing and Angel Therapy. He was also an ordained Minister.

He combined his music background with his spiritual gifts with the intent of facilitating energetic and spiritual healing for the Highest Good of All. His spirit carries on through the essence of Celestial Energy Center and the legacy of his music.